En Lumière is a experimental short film that shows layers of  a personality by the usage of different light qualities. The way how light meets the facial surface activates a spectrum of a personality. Here, the blank face of the protagonist is itself the projection of light, the light acts as a shaping element, the shadow as abstracting. The viewer can watch this light transforms the process, but only by these transformations in "slow motion" you can visualize this immense "personality contrasts". The visuality of the film is accompanied by emotional abstract sounds of composer Katharina Klement.

 The real message of the film was included in a story. The Actor (James Bibari) sitting in the vehicle and sees himself on the wet road, he is irritated, it moves him to get out and look. He follows himself, passes through a door to a mirror in which he finds himself. The light moves circularly, he is fascinated by the causes of different feelings the light on the face. He decides to move on and dive further into the space of light, in his own psyche. In the last shot he seated back in the car, it must have been a dream, he laughs.


Starring: James Bibari

Directed by: Meinrad Hofer

Music composed by: Katharina Klement



Cinematography: Meinrad Hofer

Executive Producers: James Jolly and Vivian Winther

Production: Vivian Winther @ Harvest Table Pictures

Editors: Tyler Winther and Xu Zhang

Colorist: Steve Rodriguez

Camera Operator: Derek Nelson

Steadicam Operator: Hunter Nolan

Assistant Camera: Scott Keenan

Gaffer: Jared Roessler

Best Boy: Clay Howard Smith

Dolly Operator: Jared Roessler

Hair and Make Up Artist: Asia Lecureuil


Supported by

B2Pro, Brent Langton, George Brown Studios New York City, City of Vienna, Apache Digital, Dennis Virkler and Prime Pictures